Access to Shared Instruments

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Steps to get authorization are as follows:

  • Common room equipments belong to Center for Regenerative Medicine and Skeletal Development. Email to Dr. Kalajzic ( to get permission to use the equipment if you are not an authorized user
  • Equipment with * needs special approval from the equipment use committee
  • Set up the Master Lock account following the instruction from Master Lock's email
  • If you are not a registered Molecular Core user, please go to Molecular Core, Click on "Molecular Core Online Order", then choose "User Registration"

Authorized users only, please use your Molecular Core username and password to schedule your time before using the following instruments / rooms.

Room Instrument Training Contact Use Committee
L7006 Axioscan - Microscope; Computers & Scanner
L7012 Imager Z1 ; Observer Z1; Olympus IX50 - Microscope
L7013 Cryostat1; Cryostat2; Cryostat3
B7004B TD-NMR (Diagnostic Imaging Suite)
B7006B Kubtec (X-ray)
B7004 Xenogen IVIS-Spectrum bioluminescent imager(*) Gasek, Nathan -
Liu, Yamin -
Ridwan, Sharif -
Wang, Lichao -
Gupta, Kshitiz -
Smilowitz, Henry -
Xu, Ming -
L6078 Osteomeasure

Once you have acquired a time slot to utilize an instrument in one of the common rooms, we expect the following rules to be followed:

1. Upon entry to the instrument room, put on gloves and use the alcohol spray/wipes around the area surrounding the instrument and on the instrument surface if appropriate.
2. Continue to use gloves while operating the instrument. Re-alcohol spray/wipe the instrument and surrounding area after you have finished using instrument.

Contact Info

Permission: Instrument questions: Online schedule and Master Lock:
Ivo Kalajzic, Ph. D. Peter Maye, Ph.D. Caibin Zhang Li Chen
860-679-6051 860-679-7347 860-679-4498 860-679-2461