Department Management System (*)

* Access within UConn Health Network only.

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Department Management System is a great tool to manage research grants, DCAA funds, and other types of funds. It was first developed in 2006.

    The system pulls information from Banner Finance and HuskyBuy.

    • Fund balance from Banner Finance
    • Fund budget from Banner Finance
    • EPAFs (Electronic Personnel Action Form) information from Banner HR
    • PO (Purchase Order) paid and JE16 (Journal Entry) transactions from Banner Finance
    • PO (Purchase Order) information from HuskyBuy

    The following are the main functions of the system:

    • Manage fund budget and spending
    • Project and manage salary and fringe spending by user
    • Manage PO (Purchase Order) item information and paid information
    • Generate a fund monthly report
    • Generate a fund salary & fringe projection report
    • Users can submit TA (Travel Authorization Form)
    • Manage TAs (Travel Authorization Form) and reimbursements
    • Manage pending support, create a summary report and a due-date calendar
    • Input student evaluation info and generate report for Oral Medicine/OFP & TMD/Oral Pathology Clinical Practicum (CDSC-9393/CDSC-9493). Instruction

    Administrators in the following departments are the primary users of the system.

    School of Dental Medicine:

    • BioMedical Engineering
    • Craniofacial Sciences
    • Oral Health & Diagnostic Sciences
    • Reconstructive Sciences
    • Research Office

    School of Medicine:

    • Cell Biology
    • Center for Vascular Biology
    • Center for Molecular Oncology
    • Genetics and Genome Sciences
    • Immunology
    • Neuroscience
    • Pediatrics
    • Psychiatry

    Administrators access the system through FileMaker Pro. Other users access the system through the website within the UConn Health network.

    Fund questions, contact

    Laura Didden
    Business Service Manager
    Research Office - School of Dental Medicine

    Ph#:    860-679-3891

    Laura Didden

    Other questions, contact

    Caibin Zhang
    Application Architect
    Research Office - School of Dental Medicine

    Ph#:    860-679-4498